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Report after the meeting of SAP's greater China region partner summit.

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On July 5, 2012, "cloud connect world · perception of the future -- 2012 'jiangxi cloud computing and Internet of things peak BBS" was successfully held in the sichuang science and technology park. From well-known industry experts and scholars inside and outside the province, veterans gathered, thoroughly discusses the development trend of cloud computing and Internet of things and hotspot issues, analysis and shows the typical application of cloud computing and Internet of cases and solutions. This BBS is co-sponsored by jiangxi computer society, jiangxi information center, IBM (China) co., LTD and sichuang digital technology co., LTD.

Computer society of jiangxi province, nanchang university vice-chancellor professor li jianmin to make the opening speech, professor li firstly introduces the current cloud computing and Internet of things such as macro environment for the development of new technology, and introduced the emerging industries such as cloud computing and Internet of things development in jiangxi province. He said that this year is the year of practical application of new technologies such as cloud computing, and the timing is good. We should take this opportunity to actively facilitate the development of cloud computing and iot industry in jiangxi province.

Strong company chairman Mr YouJianPing speech, he first, sincerely welcome the arrival of the guests with gratitude, and introduces the strong company in the development of new technologies: in recent years, the strong company keep up with the pace of development of IT industry and change, positive attention and tracking cloud computing, Internet, mobile Internet and other emerging technology development trend, and obtained some preliminary results: successfully shaped the sunan canal in wuxi section "cognitive channel information engineering", "the first whiff of the south China sea" portal website construction, "movement in the south China sea" handheld mobile portal application such as typical cases, the winning "subei canal waterway integrated information system engineering", independent research and development of the Internet of things perceived channel solution "and" based on intelligent navigation lock shipment ship terminal adjustable platform "won the 15th and 16th consecutive China international software expo" gold award ". It is emphasized that the development of sichuang and the achievements in the new technology field are inseparable from the love and support of customers and partners. In the future, we will continue to work hard.

Subsequently, the vice President of jiangxi computer society and the director of jiangxi information center, jinfeng researcher, made the theme report "innovative thinking and intensive promotion of e-government construction in jiangxi province"; The deputy secretary general of jiangxi computer society and the dean of computer information engineering college of jiangxi normal university wrote the report of "social network analysis based on cloud computing". IBM senior architect: Mr. Li mingzhe's report on "the power of the cloud - driving business model innovation"; Mr. Wang xun, chief engineer of sichuang digital technology co., LTD., is a report on the design and practice of the Internet of things solution - intelligent information system. People say "cloud", wonderful! The report of several industry experts is rich in content and thorough analysis, which has aroused the strong interest of the participants, so that people can learn new information and technology and open up new ideas.

Clouds connect the world and perceive the future. With the rapid development of the information technology, the new generation of information technology is developing rapidly, and the demand for information technology continues to grow. In the market demand and technological innovation, driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of things to flourish, to the IT industry scale, development of service socialization, a major change, cloud computing and Internet of things has become the important domain of strategic emerging industry development in our country. In the future, think a company will give full play to the advantages of technological innovation, strengthen resource synergy integration, deepen the application in key areas, advance technology and service patterns of innovation, in order to obtain better and faster development.