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Rebeca SAP production logistics automation project successfully launched.

2018-04-25 15:45:23 25

Apple and IBM have entered the corporate market in an effort to make their competitors feel a huge threat, according to people familiar with the matter, according to a person familiar with the matter. But before IBM, apple had talked to HP about trying to develop a "corporate Siri" mobile search product.

Apple has run aground with Siri, the HP research and development company (image from btnet)

Reported that apple had contact with HP, discuss how to integrate Siri search service in the latter's products, so that the enterprise employees through their equipment to obtain the information such as financial data, product inventory quantity. However, IBM's involvement led to the eventual stranding of apple's partnership with HP. In fact, in addition to negotiating with apple, HP is talking about the possibility of introducing related technologies on Android devices, such as the corporate version of GuGe Now, in Google.

Although Google is not yet in the aspect of enterprise data and software deployment search capabilities, but the alliance as apple, IBM, the company will to rethink the importance of the enterprise market, by entering the field weakening the iPhone market dominance in the business customers. To be sure, Android's share of the enterprise market is far lower than that of iOS, and it is surely a good choice to work with an experienced company like HP.

In July, apple and IBM announced together, has reached an exclusive relationship, through a new category of business applications to transform enterprise mobile market, IBM's big data and analysis ability to apple's iPhone and the tablet.