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The blueprint design of lanxin technology production system is completed successfully.

2018-04-25 15:32:30 20

Since 2018, according to store the research of science and technology of dozens of customers, more than 80% of the enterprise senior leaders think: China's robust economic recovery, high-tech product innovation of the enterprise, business revenue and profitability significantly increased, new retail enterprise to believe in the necessity, urgency, intelligent manufacturing.

At the same time, sen technology and the customer together in the new retail, intelligent manufacturing leads the trend, has achieved fruitful results.

February 1, global employees industry leading manufacturers - Rebecca SAP Retail system in Beijing and Shanghai to promote the implementation of the company, has realized the domestic Marketing Department, sales companies, agents, total management of the warehouse, warehouse, Retail outlets and financial integration.

In January, lanxin technology, the invisible champion of the high-speed railway equipment industry, successfully launched the MES system and completed the acceptance of the MES project at the end of February.