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Report after the meeting of SAP's greater China region partner summit.

2018-04-25 08:45:13 19

On January 19, 2018, sun storage technology, as a SAP partner, participated in the greater China summit.

On January 18, Mr. Li qiang, the general manager of SAP China, a senior vice President of SAP China, made a keynote speech entitled "working together to transform and innovate together". From SAP, various departments and cooperation partners, head of the digital transformation, establish new ecological system, build the cloud business practices, cloud business experience sharing and further discusses on some hot topics.

At the roundtable discussion on January 19, SAP and partners discussed business development and policy development in 2018, and joined hands with each other.

The two-day meeting is the best opportunity for SAP to communicate with partners and learn from each other. During the meeting, we strengthened our mutual confidence and determination to build a stronger bridge for the future and let us innovate in the cloud. I hope this brief reunion will leave you a good memory and hope to have a chat next time and climb the peak!