Customer case

Spring is in the air, and many companies, such as suntech and yutong, continue to cooperate with China.

2018-04-25 15:11:43 24

Spring warm flowers open, intoxicating heart, continuous cooperation, and then again!

In the near future, many enterprises such as sen storage technology and yutong have reached new cooperation.

With the continuous advancement of IT revolution, such as intelligent manufacturing and Internet of things, the informatization cooperation between sen storage technology and customers is expanding in a deeper and broader direction. Such as enhancing SAP core application, on the basis of the construction of SRM, BPM, CRM and other business system, help enterprise under the environment of economic new normal open source throttling, achieve a better user experience, enterprise business transformation and industrial upgrading.

Sen storage technology will be a service partner of the enterprise's IT application solutions by professional implementers, and we will explore the successful journey together with our customers!